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- Book of Forms
- Job Descriptions
- Employee Handbook

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- Job Descriptions
- Employee Handbook

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Book of Forms
(everything from Intake Forms to Customer Check out Script, and Treatment Protocols)

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Compensation Plans "the complete guide"

Spa Marketing & Management
Increasing Spa Revenue, the complete guide to making your spa run better and make more money.

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You will love our new "Book of Forms" for Human Resources - Spa Operations - Service Protocols - and Service Support Materials 
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You will receive any updates, revisions or changes to the manuals you purchase for 1 year after your purchase date.  Also, if a completely new version is published you will receive a free copy of those manuals as well.  Plus an added year in celebration of our new son!!


Title text Purchase the 3 manual package or the Structural Set (included in this bundle: SOP-Employee Handbook-Job Descriptions + included with Structural set Book of Forms) and recieve instant download so you can get startated immediately.
4 FREE BONUS BOOKS (sent via email within 48 hours of purchase)
Bonus Book #1  Managing Human Rescources in the 21st Century
Bonus Book #2  Recruitment and Selection
Bonus Book #3  Seven Deadly Sins of Employment
Bonus Book #4  How to Sack Employees

Job Descriptions
 your specific duties may vary though this manual will help you insure all the bases are covered.  You will have job descriptions for spa services as well as Salon and Fitness positions.
Employee Handbook covers everything from Contracts to Leave of Absence Policies.  This is essential for spa owners, directors and staff to know what the expectations are and what to do and virtually any situation. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) this manual will serve as a very important guide which will allow you to determine how you will run your business.  Having this as a reference will allow you and your staff to know exactly what is expected and how each client should be treated and how each duty within the spa should be performed.

Book of Forms   It's almost impossible to find material created specifically for Day Spa's, but your search is over.  We have put together 208 pages of documents, forms, protocols, training, and support material every spa needs to run smoother and protect itself and its employee's.  From initial interview guideline to exit interviews we have it covered, and actual protocols and training materials for your estheticians and massage therapists so you can be well educated and consistent with all your systems. 
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New & Improved!!! Now all our manuals are easier to use than ever, with new formatting which allows you to jump around within the manuals and jump to different manuals in the sets.  We have also updated the job descriptions and added Social Media Specialist to the list.  Your lives will now be easier and quicker than ever so you can spend your time on your business rather than in your office.