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Standard Operating Procedures SOP
Sample of  topics covered in the SOP Manual
  • Esthetician Guidelines
  • Massage Therapist Guidelines
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Reception & Retail area
  • Waiting Guests
  • Salon Services
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Provider Behavior
  • Communication Logistics
  • Addressing Guest Concerns
  • Late Arrivals
  • Gratuities distribution
  • Attendance
  • General Behavior and Regulations

*This Manual has 71 Pages

**This manual is for standard
operational procedures, it does not include treatment protocols.

Attendance Policy


YOUR  Spa Name time and attendance standards apply to all team members that are classified as non-exempt. This policy will:

·    Communicate the Spa expectations for attendance standards.

·    Provide formal notification to team members who violate attendance standards.

·    Allow team members who violate this policy an opportunity to correct their behavior.




Record Keeping

·    Violations of attendance standards are monitored as follows:

- Tardy (reporting late to work without approval of department manager or supervisor)

- Payroll system violations

- Absent either a single day or consecutive period days

- Request an early out

·    The following are not considered violations:

- Scheduled days off

- Vacations

- Holidays (which an employee is not scheduled to work)

- Occupational injury/illness

- Jury duty

- Approved leaves of absences, both continuous or intermittent

- Layoff

- Department offered early out/time off

- Other approved time off



Call-In Procedures

·    Team members are required to notify a member of Spa Management of an expected tardiness or absence no later than 4 hours before the start of their scheduled shift.  Preferably, or where possible the day before, please notify management.  Failure to do so will be considered a no-call and will result in progressive disciplinary action.

·    When calling out, it is the responsibility of that individual to assist management in finding a replacement to cover their shift and/or services scheduled for that day. It will be expected for the team member to start the process of replacing themselves, keeping management apprised of the results. Only a Management team member can authorize for the employee not to have to replace themselves.

·    Team members are required to call and alert management as soon as they realize tardiness might occur independently of the reason for the tardiness. 

 Telephone Procedures


All team members are responsible for answering the phones using proper telephone etiquette.



Answering a Call

·    Make sure you are always ready to talk before answering a call.

·    Be aware of the area in which you are answering the call.

·    Always answer each call within three rings in the following manner: 

- “Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Thank you for calling YOUR  Spa.  This is (your name).  How may I be of service?”

·    Speak at a moderate rate (160-180 words per minute).

·    Let the caller finish their statement or question before responding.

·    Avoid using crutch-words, slang, or colloquialisms.


Placing a Call on Hold:

·    Ask permission to place calls on hold; wait for a response.

·    Never allow a call to remain on hold for more than one minute.

·    If the caller is on hold for a minute, pick up the line and ask if they would like to continue to hold or have someone return their call.


Transferring a Call:

·    Introduce both parties when transferring calls.

·    Avoid unnecessary transfers by asking the right questions.

·    If you are unsure of an extension number, look it up in the directory.


Taking Messages:

·    Never offer too much or unnecessary information.

·    Give the caller options on where else you can direct their call.

·    Be sure to complete the message pad with all the pertinent information.  (Caller’s name, phone number, time, and the date.)


Closing a Call:

·    Repeat back any relevant information such as appointments made, including; dates, times and services and any male or female preferences.  Be sure to remind guests of cancellation policy and the requested arrival time prior to the scheduled appointment.

·    When closing a call, always thank the guest for calling YOUR  Spa Name.

·    Ask if there is anything else that you can assist them with.

·    Always let the caller hang up first.